Have you ever been to a pageant and heard "Oh that's a SHINE girl, she can walk" ? Take a class with us and learn why! 

  • Local, state, nationals & international

  • Stage Presence 

  • Interview Prep

  • Confidence

  • Wardrobe... & more!

Pageant Prep Package

We offer 3 different packages depending on your needs and time frame for your upcoming pageant. All classes are personalized, have full dress rehearsals and are ran 1:1. 
*An evaluation is ran before picking a package.


Book an Hour 

Emergency session the week of your pageant? Full dress rehearsal? We got you! Book a last minute hour or two! 


Interview Prep

English and Spanish services provided.


Pageant Headshot

Professional hair and make up provided, 1:1 posing coach during whole shoot, 2 wardrobe changes and 5 digitals.