We love to see you SHINE 

✰I was asked to speak at SHINE last week and I came away very impressed by both the staff and the students!

-Rob Marmion (North Georgia Media) 

The best school, good attention and above all the work they do is very professional .. !!

-CarloFranco (Peru)

✰Nice atmosphere, beautiful girls and very good attention given by their beautiful teacher Karina Zevallos .... awesome shine.

-Sonia Vazquez 

✰If you're considering doing pageants and/or modeling I 100% recommend SHINE ! Very friendly environment and your surrounded by people who want to see you succeed! They have helped me develop my walk & helped gain confidence. Love everything about it.

-Citlali Ruiz

✰Shine is such a welcoming place to learn the coach treats the girls like family. They are all involved with diffrent ways of training. They are in it together! They work as a team. You can tell that they are practically family.

-Cecilia Vazquez

✰Simply The best school, it is amazing the change my daughter has had since she joined shine I am so grateful for Karina Zevallos and for all the support not only for my daughter but to all her students a a million thanks Shine !!!

-Elva Castro-Ruiz

✰The best place to grow in the modeling & pageant industry!!❤✨ Karina, Momma Shine, and Jennifer will train you to become a pro, network, and much more! Don't miss out for KZ Photography 📸 & A World Mission 🌎

-Durka Cabrera

✰As a student here, I can honestly say that Karina Zevallos really makes all of us feel like one big family. She's very fair, professional, and always sticks her neck out for her students. In the short month-and-a-half that I've been here, my confidence, shyness, and image have all improved. I highly recommend this place and Karina's mentors to anybody who is serious about their pageant/modeling career, and am truly grateful for the opportunity to be affiliated with such a great institution.

-Marco Hodge

✰I REALLY recommend Shine , if you want to start Modeling � Its a GREAT opportunity !

-Litzy Nava

✰I am so glad that I am taking classes at Shine! I have learned so much and have had an amazing time while doing so. Everyone has been more than gracious and super friendly. It has been amazing and I have felt super comfortable! Thanks to Shine I have met new friends that support and encourage me along this journey. Also thanks to Shine, I feel more confident and ready to continue my path in modeling.

-Jade Caez 

✰Focuses on building strengths and weaknesses! The girls/guys are definitely growing as models and are sure to have a bright future !Shine On!

-Jennifer Castillo

✰I went to Shine 6 weeks prior to competing and from the moment I walked in i knew I was in great hands. Karina is so invested and genuinely cares about not only helping you develop a killer walk but also stepping up your confidence. Thanks to Karina and her Mom �, I was the most confident I have ever been on the competition stage this year. She will push you, encourage you and leave you feeling incredibly fierce. I would highly recommend her!

-Malea Celeste

✰Shine is such an amazing place to be and learn and fulfill your modeling dreams. They help you learn how to be confident and secure of yourself �� I love it.

-Lesly Alonzo

✰SHINE is amazing . I love going to Shine . I’ve only be there 2 months & everyone there is super welcoming and nice . We’re a like a small loving family. Our coach Karina makes time and effort for us. She’s a super lovely and sweet. 

-Leslie Trujillo

✰My experience with SHINE has been incredible . I've learned a lot from our coach Karina Zevallos. SHINE has opened a lot of doors for me I've met different people that have helped me a lot too . Karina makes sure every single one of her students SHINE in their own way. She takes her time with each and every single one of us and makes sure we get everything.  
Everyone is so nice ,there's a lot of respect and love towards one another. We're all a big family. 
I definitely recommend SHINE to anyone that is looking for a pageants and modeling school! #SHINEON

-Nadia Martinez